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Video Walkthroughs

Selling your house? Are you doing everything to give yourself a competitive advantage to reach potential buyers? Would you like to be able to show your home at its best 24/7?

Real Image Productions offers the next phase in maximizing the presentation of your home on the internet.

A Video Walkthrough is a professionally shot and edited movie of your home and property. Unlike a group of photos or a photo virtual tour, the Video Walkthrough takes you through the home room by room, allowing you to see not only the room size, construction and decoration details, but also the relationship between each room. For many potential buyers, the house layout is possibly the most crucial consideration in finding a suitable home, and a floor plan is difficult for many people to visualize. See below for a sample of our Video Walkthroughs.

A Video Walkthrough posted alongside your home description will enable potential buyers to immediately experience the ambience and layout of your home, and persuade them to visit the property.

Recent research shows that consumers prefer video 6 to 1 to still photos, and that video currently comprises 32% of all internet activity. No wonder video consumption increased 46% in 2008 and 124% in 2009, registering 33.2 billion views in December 2009 alone. This is an opportunity to set your home apart from the many others on the market, and will effectively allow people to experience your home (and possibly their new home) any time of day or night.

A Video Walkthrough is typically 3 to 5 minutes in length; not too long to lose your customers’ interest but long enough to get the feel of the property. Audio narration or music can be added to the video to enhance the impact. Digital still photos can be interspersed with the moving footage when it can provide added impact or information.

Video Walkthrough prices start at $250 for a 1700 square foot home, and includes views of the front, backyard, entry and garage. The finished product includes opening and closing titles and custom music. Half of the payment is due on the day of filming; the remainder is due at closing, conserving your cash flow during what can be a financially difficult time. Contact us for more information.

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