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Photo and Documents Scans

Preserve your priceless photographs, documents, and historic information for future generations. Real Image will digitize, archive and organize it all for you.

Having old photos scanned for friends and family make excellent and highly personal gifts.

As part of this service Real Image will:

  • Provide you with a professional archival-grade CD or DVD (in jewel case) of your photos and/or your documents.
  • Add descriptive file names for each photo and/or document.
  • Provide you with a catalog listing of the contents of your CD or DVD.
  • Label your CD or DVD, according to your own instructions.
  • For an added fee, Real Image will also do color correction, dust and scratch removal, and bring out detail in shadows. Contact us for this special service.

We also have the capability to scan your documents into a word processing document using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR).

Pricing: 35 cents each for photos and paper documents
$5 for extra CD or DVD copies

*Se habla EspaƱol*